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Loca Lola
August 20, 2018
Duncan Chamberlain Metal Artist
August 28, 2014

Push2Inspire is The Shriver Group's latest philanthropic and marketing venture. Push2Inspire’s mission is to encourage others to give of themselves and serve. To reach this goal, we are helping stage a series of inclusive events through which adaptive athletes who may not otherwise be able to propel themselves are pushed and pulled through sprint triathlons. The hope is that others will be inspired by these events and dedicate themselves to their own personal philanthropic mission.

For 2018, Push2Inspire will stage 7 races in 7 days in 7 separate locations. This is a primer for 2019 when we will help coordinate 50 inclusive races in 50 days in 50 states.

We built the Push2Inspire website and established Facebook and Instagram pages to help promote the project with fresh online news and announcements.




February 1, 2018


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