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August 22, 2020
Shriver Education for the Arts
Shriver Education for the Arts
March 17, 2020

For too long, differently-abled individuals have been kept in the shadows. Inclusion Revolution is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by Beaver Shriver to support Rise Up Cafes. Rise Up Cafes offers integrated employment, front-and-center in our communities. Rise Up is about inclusion, acceptance, respect, dignity, and opportunity for all.

The Shriver Group handled the formation of the 501(c)(3) — corporate documents, all nonprofit documents, and tax status applications. We built the website and continue to consult for the Inclusion Revolution board of directors.

Beaver Shriver of The Shriver Group is the driving force behind Rise Up Cafe. In addition to Inclusion Revolution, he has partnered with two other nonprofits, The Haven and Easterseals to help with job skills training and staff transportation.

Learn more about The Haven and Easterseals and the important services they provide for hundreds of special needs individuals every day.

And please consider a donation to Inclusion Revolution, to help fund additional Rise Up Cafes and further the mission.


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November 1, 2019


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