Rise & Nye’s

Shriver Education for the Arts
Shriver Education for the Arts
March 17, 2020
Rise & Nye's

Rise & Nye's is an amazing coffee and ice cream shop staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide secure, successful jobs which in turn help our employees form meaningful friendships with their peers; live independently; improve their public speaking, develop self-advocacy and communication skills; and feel valued and included by society. We celebrate and honor their special abilities. In addition, we have classrooms, dedicated jobs coaches, and a cool virtual reality coffee and ice cream shop training system to help prepare our friends with special abilities to work in the shop as well as for other businesses in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Beaver Shriver of The Shriver Group and Christian Nye of Nye's Cream Sandwiches are the driving forces behind Rise & Nye's. They have partnered with two nonprofits, The Haven and Easterseals to help with job skills training and staff transportation.

Learn more about The Haven and Easterseals and the important services they provide for hundreds special needs individuals every day.

Beaver has founded and chairs another 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Inclusion Revolution, to help fund additional Rise & Nye's coffee and ice cream shops. Please consider a donation to help further the mission.


Rise & Nye's


March 1, 2019


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