We champion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and we serve others by raising funds and awareness through nonprofit and philanthropic endeavors.

"We are here but for a short time. Roll up your sleeves and GIVE" ~ Beaver Shriver


From opening and operating businesses that employ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to consulting and sourcing funding for a variety of nonprofit organizations, we are driven to give and serve.


Beaver Shriver's career has been all about creating exceptional experiences. It all started when he was 9 years old as a timer for a Special Olympics swim competition. Since then, Beaver has started and overseen operations at many businesses and nonprofits.


We have consulted for philanthropic organizations, international fly fishing lodges, specialty food markets, eCommerce operations, hometown rock and roll bars, a Mexican restaurant, budding and established artists — it's a long list that has kept The Shriver Group entertained and on its toes.


The Shriver family has always been dedicated to serving and giving to others (most notably, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver), and Beaver Shriver has continued the tradition by giving his time and financial support to many organizations including Rise Up Cafe, Inclusion Revolution, Shriver Education for the Arts, Big Magic Studios, Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Miracle League Manasota, Push2Inspire, and numerous local and international community service organizations.


Thank you to whomever left all of these lovely little post its on our sign outside at the shop today! Heart. Is. Full. Stay tuned because we are still going to be here posting updates to our new location and ongoing programs with @thehavensrq! ...

Smaller space, BIGGER presence!
We are honored and thrilled to announce that Rise Up Cafe is among the ranks of several other esteemed establishments in Sarasota to be chosen to operate a location at the SRQ airport!! This is HUGE for our team of dedicated employees to be seen and interact with an infinite number of people everyday, reaching far beyond the limits of our current location. With that, we are closing our downtown cafe (end of day) Saturday February 25th to focus on the expanded opportunity at the airport along with our collaborations with The Haven - that we guarantee will have a massively positive impact on the lives of the people we serve. We thank you all for your support in the first stages of our development and now it’s time to FLY ✈️ at the SRQ airport! Bring. It. On. 🤘🏼

SRQ airport saw over 4.3 MILLION passengers pass through in 2023! Let’s see if we can educate people from all around the globe the value of hiring people with disabilities!!

- Beaver and Erin Shriver
#letsGROW 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Happy Friday! Get your coffee fix today at Rise Up! ☕️ ...

Come by and say hello to Kelley, our famous dancing barista! Exciting things ahead in 2024! This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Are you ready for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day?! Be here Saturday Feb 3rd!!

Our work doesn’t end at the espresso machine. On this frigid Saturday night, we are building new and better programs that go beyond the technical skills required to work in the cafe. We are in the business of creating connections that you can feel but not necessarily see. 🌟 We. Are. Magic. 🌟Excited to share more as we move forward in our efforts to build up our community in some very creative ways. A big shout out to Patti, our creative and caring night manager for sharing this resource with me. 🙏

- Erin Shriver
#bigmagic #socialskills #riseup #diversityincludesdisabilities #transitions #sarasota

DJ Mike on the mic was dancing the the beat of his own tunes this morning at Rise Up. He turned up the heat on this cold Florida morning! 💃 ...

Me: Izzy, what makes you nervous?

Izzy: Life. And women close to my age.

Who can relate?!! 😂😂😂

- conversations with Erin and Izzy!

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