We champion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and we serve others by raising funds and awareness through nonprofit and philanthropic endeavors.

"We are here but for a short time. Roll up your sleeves and GIVE" ~ Beaver Shriver


From opening and operating businesses that employ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to consulting and sourcing funding for a variety of nonprofit organizations, we are driven to give and serve.


Beaver Shriver's career has been all about creating exceptional experiences. It all started when he was 9 years old as a timer for a Special Olympics swim competition. Since then, Beaver has started and overseen operations at many businesses and nonprofits.


We have consulted for philanthropic organizations, international fly fishing lodges, specialty food markets, eCommerce operations, hometown rock and roll bars, a Mexican restaurant, budding and established artists — it's a long list that has kept The Shriver Group entertained and on its toes.


The Shriver family has always been dedicated to serving and giving to others (most notably, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver), and Beaver Shriver has continued the tradition by giving his time and financial support to many organizations including Rise & Nye's , Inclusion Revolution, Shriver Education for the Arts, Big Magic Studios, Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Miracle League Manasota, Push2Inspire, and numerous local and international community service organizations.


So, here we go. The inaugural Rise & Nye's Big Beignet Eating Championship is coming up. October 15th at 11am right in front of our amazing shop in downtown Sarasota. Click the link in our bio to learn more and sign up. You'd better put on your big boy/big girl pants and start training now!
#sarasota #sarasotaevents #inclusion #InclusionRevolution #eatingcontest #nonprofit

Nineteen - a big day for Colton. We celebrated with a vanilla scoop smashed between two housemade brownies! Happy, happy birthday, Colton! #inclusion #inclusionrevolution #sarasota #abilities #birthdayboy ...

Manning “The Cup Queen” was at it again yesterday! She cranked out 320 hand-written, personalized coffee cups (in addition to delivering customer orders,
cleaning tables, and helping spread the word about our mission). Thank you, Manning, for being such an important part of Rise & Nye’s! #inclusion #inclusionrevolution #sarasota #sarasotacoffee #abilities

Just about every day, families with kids with disabilities come to Rise & Nye’s. Some already know about us while others just happen by and soon realize the mission. Often, tears of joy flow as families see that there’s hope, an inclusion revolution in motion, and a place for everyone to shine. #inclusion #sarasota #inclusionrevolution #abilities #futureemployee #achancenotcharity #hopeforall ...

How about these two?! Joey and Kelley are whipping up a batch of fresh waffle cones for the evening rush. #sarasota #inclusion #inclusionrevolution #abilities #wafflecones #sarasotaicecream #couplegoals ...

We like to keep all of our customers happy - Rise & Nye’s Puppy Cups for our furry friends! #sarasota #inclusion #inclusionrevolution #abilities #puppycups ...


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